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Poor Palestine to build a $13 million palace to Abbas

In addition to the palace’s main buildings, there are also offices and “huts” for guards with an area of 4,000m2.

Two helipads for helicopter transport will also be built, architectural sketches can be seen here – and it seems to be royal in terms of design and size.

The $13 million palace, located in Surda, Ramallah, will be financed out of the PLO budget, which in turn is kept alive by foreign aid from the West – meaning your tax dollars. According to the PECDAR’s (Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction) website, “the donor funds are paid out in an efficient and transparent manner, in accordance with national priorities.”

The website adds that PEDCAR is “accountable to a board of directors headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.” The impoverished Palestinian Authority therefore believes that aid money for a palace is a national priority, according to President Abbas, who still rules even though his term expired in January 2009.

Sure, we’ll admit that the $13 million palace is not much of a palace, and the Israeli counterpart is considerably more expensive, but the Israelis are paying for themselves, which is not the case for the Arabs in Palestine. You are.$13-million-palace-to-abbas.html