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Gazans Frustrated by Hamas-Imposed Electricity Cuts Say ‘Israeli Rule Is Preferable’

Frustrated by recent cuts to their electricity supply, Gaza residents toldIsrael’s Channel 2 on Wednesday that they would prefer Israeli rule to that of Hamas.

Palestinians in the Strip have been demonstrating since the beginning of the week against the reduction of electricity at their homes to eight hours per day. The target of their ire has been Hamas, which rules Gaza, as well as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Beit Lahiya resident Ibrahim (last name withheld) told Channel 2 that “Israel is better than Hamas. The entire street is talking about electricity. The entire public in Gaza is speaking about the hardship.”

Many other Gaza residents are afraid to express their anger publicly, for fear of Hamas retribution. Last week, demonstrators who burned tires in the streets to protest the cuts were arrested by Hamas police.

“They have no mercy,” said Ibrahim. “They send anyone who speaks out to jail for a year or two.”